About Us: Kuumba Lynx

Who We Are?

Kuumba Lynx provides performances & productions, film screenings, art making workshops & residencies, youth artist apprenticeships, community cultural events (battles, exhibitions, festivals & poetry slams), and praxi sharing, all rooted in an indigenous culture of urban artistry and activism.   KL seeks to energize courageous spaces that challenge youth and their communities to deeply engage & listen, critically observe and react, and creatively speak with one another

Annually, KL Hip Hop Arts Programs directly support, and engage opportunities for approximately 1,000 participants directly and another 1,500 indirectly through free to public activities. KLPE reaches an estimated audience of  15,000+ people.

What We Do?

How We Do It?

KL is an urban arts youth development organization founded in 1996 by three women, Jaquanda Villegas, Leyda "Lady Sol" Garcia, and Jacinda Bullie. For two decades, alongside many of Chicago’s artists, activists, educators, and youth communities, KL has honed an arts making practice that presents, preserves and promotes Hip Hop as a tool to resist systemic violence where black and brown youth can reimagine and demonstrate a more just world. KL’s Program Facilitators are a collective of artists, activists, educators, and healers.

Kuumba Lynx’s Hip Hop Arts Program (HHAP) continuum creates pathways across the city at various locations including park districts, schools and community spaces.  The year round sequential arts learning & transformative opportunities incorporate ritual, writing and freestyle ciphers fused with dance, beatbox, spoken word, music production, deejaying, graffiti art, photography, video and more. HHAP includes:  1) the Kuumba Lynx Performance Ensemble (KLPE) touring shows & it’s apprenticeships for ages 14-22,  2) 1/2 Pint Poetics (HPP) writing & performance literacy project for ages 8-14, 3) Collaborative Cultural Events such as Stomping Grounds (monthly open mic), Chicago Hip Hop Theater Fest (annual outdoor & traveling professional theater presentations),  Remixing The Art of Social Change Teach In (national project) & One Luv Back to School Jam (outdoor arts & cultural fest, and 4) AS I AM & Alumni engagement for 18+ and 5) Praxi sharing via PD & Trainings with Creative Leads and Arts Facilitators.