Kuumba Lynx's

Response to the MURDER of George Floyd and Protetsts

    Kuumba Lynx is committed to joy, justice, and liberation. We will always stand in solidarity with Black Freedom struggles across the world. We stand with the protestors, families, organizers, activists, and allies on the frontlines of these movements everywhere who are organizing to make black lives matter and end systematic oppression.


   At this moment, of the pandemic, murders, and lynchings, we support those organizing specifically for the firing, denial of all benefits, and charging of all the cops involved in the murder of George Floyd. We also join those who demand that all protestors be released with charges dropped and an end to the Blue Lives ordinance.  We know these protests are in response to the abuse and killings of black people by police and vigilantes. We witnessed killings of black people, we know of torture of black people all by the hands of the police. None of that was peaceful. We know we have witnessed the police agitate and instigate peaceful protestors!


    We know this is just the beginning and while we demand justice for all racial killings, we also believe it is past time to defund the police and commit those resources to communities. We also believe police have no place in learning spaces including Chicago Public Schools. 


    The murder and lynchings are the FACTS, everything else is a result. The systemic racism, criminalization, detaining & dismantling of families, and state-sanctioned killings in the US is real. The spread of the virus through detaining & incarceration is happening. Black & Brown Love exists in our city. All this anti-black white supremacy must STOP.


   We see you! We love you. We choose people over profits everyday! We will continue to:


  • Build toward liberation with like-minded crews, Collective’s and individuals committed to developing, and acting upon an abolitionist anti-black radical love agenda

  • Practice creative expression & healing arts as a tool toward liberation

  • Support and stand in solidarity with those collectives challenging and fighting state violence / systematic oppression.

  • Personally Practice finding alternatives to calling the police, working to depend less on the state, and doing away with ineffective & harmful institutions and systems like policing. 

  • Amplify black and brown people's lived experiences dealing with state-endorsed harm of all sorts

  • Uphold Black Liberation while working across communities 

  • Demand equitable resources for those communities most impacted by all forms of state violence 

  • Challenge the silence and learning and unlearning in ourselves and each other

  • Trust in and continue developing a transformative justice process for ourselves 

  • Grow our critical lense personally and collectively 

  • Heal continuously, grow continuously 

  • Hone our divine love and joy resulting  in healthy resilience and response