Hip Hop Arts Continuum


HHAP Learning Goals:

With CCT we have identified 6 key characteristics of a high-performing critical education & arts learning program:

1)Engaging – Has facilitators, supplies, activities, experiences, etc. that resonate with participants

2) Rigorous – Has curriculum with clearly defined learning outcomes that challenge participants and build their skills in the stated artistic discipline, academic area, critical analysis, as well as in social/emotional growth;

3)Consistent – Offers (ideally) at least 30 contact hours per participant

4) Sequential – Provides students a progression of skills and opportunities over time as they advance;

5)  Effective – Documents the extent to which each participant progresses toward the achievement of the stated outcomes, and uses this information to refine the unit planning process and as a performance management tool for all teaching artists;

6) Fosters a culture of continuous learning – consistently provides professional development for its staff to stay current and share knowledge, as well as to set an example for students.