A Piece of the Ensemble

  AS the sounds of Missy Elliot, Work It, sifted through the open space I looked to my left to see Journey one of the youths partaking in the DJ interval with DeMarco. As she repeated the song but sped up the beats here and there, cut out some parts of the […]

The Beat of Kuumba

   As the space was infiltrated with different aromas of food, everyone wanted to see what was under the tin foil on the table once you enter the space. As Mad Dog got out the bunsen burners to keep the food warm, Jaquanda started to unveil the remnants of what […]

Thursday Dinner

Emon at Art Explosion 2015 As we sat down, criss cross, applesauce; yet in complete calmness with each other I started the interview with Emon…    Me: Who are you and what’s your piece to Kuumba?    Emon: I’m Emon and my piece to Kuumba is… vulnerability. I give all of […]

Interview with Emon

   As I walked into Kuumba today, I was prepared and I had pizza in my bag so I was ready for sure. As I walked into the doors of Kuumba it was surprisingly warm on that day, Chicago’s weather being bipolar again, but as I walked up the steps to […]

Day Two

I interviewed Marquis that day.  Marquis was one of the footwork coaches that helped the youth. He started with Kuumba when he was a young fourteen year old boy now the one being mentored became the mentee.  Me: Who are you and what is your piece to Kuumba?  Marquis: I am […]

Marquis Hudson

   I started my internship fully today. As I walked in I was excited but still stayed a little quiet to just watch. There was chatter all around in the office that was open for the students to come in sometime and say hello or roast people. They were talking […]

Day One