Ida Musoni

WHO: DW McCraven SHOW: Fb: Buoyancy (A Hip Hop Theater Works) DW McCraven uncovers the ways in which intersectionality has shaped their relationships with the world as a queer and darker complected brown person. Fb: Buoyancy creates a space for the audience to viscerally engage with the common misconceptions of […]

Great Conversation with Presenter DW McCraven

WHO: Myriha Burton SHOW: FAILING WITH AND “A” is a glimpse of the difficulties of attending a predominately white institution as a person of color from the inner city. It explores topics such as survivor’s guilt, questioning of religion and faith, and the goodness and evils of what is considered […]

Chatting It up w/Myriha Burton

WHO: Leslie Lissaint, An extremely well versed and learned artist who has decided this was the year to finally express her artistry live and in person on a stage. SHOW: THIS IS HOW WE HEAL, A ground-breaking one woman show she combines spoken word poetry, contemporary movement and sound as […]

Chatting It Up w/Presenter Leslie Lissaint